About the Authors

The story behind the book series

There were five men and five women. Their ages ranged from the late thirties to the mid seventies. Three were lawyers, three retired military officers, two government workers, a college professor, and a former FBI agent. Some were related and others were their friends. The one thing they all had in common was a love of writing, and all were accomplished writers in their professional fields

Suppose these people decided to write a novel together, rotating writing through the story a Chapter at a time. The only rules being one had to continue with what was previously written as a foundation, but could go anywhere their imagination led them for their next Chapter

What would such a novel look like? The answer to this question is contained in The Tale of Ten

Bill Rohm
The story of

Bill Rohm

Bill Rohm is a retired Navy Veteran with 30 years of service. He has previously written books such as “No Braver Man” and “In Our Own Eyes” along with others. He currently resides in Tampa Florida with his family.

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