The Latest Book in the Tale of Ten series

In Our Own Eyes

Discover the perils, thrills, twists and turns of a celestial battle between the forces of good and evil

Welcome to the World of the Nephalem

The perils, thrills, twists and turns of a celestial battle between the forces of good and evil shatter the quiet of snow-covered Pennsylvania farm lands and the peace and good order of Washington DC. To avert economic disaster and suffering on a global scale, ordinary men and women are called into extraordinary service. Bonded by a centuries old oath and relying on faith and God-given gifts, wits and wisdom, they clash with the minions and agents of an ancient and relentless foe. Though twenty-first century technology and weapons are exploited by both sides, the climactic battle hinges upon ancient fighting arts and arms. In combat to the death, deciding mankind’s fate and shaking the foundations of Heaven and Hell, unlikely heroes, each with one blue and one brown eye, emerge to thwart Satan’s latest assault on the Gates of Heaven. The heroes learn that only God can make it possible to see and reach beyond the human vistas in their own eyes.

The story of

Bill Rohm

Bill Rohm is a retired Navy Veteran with 30 years of service. He has previously written books such as “No Braver Man” and “In Our Own Eyes” along with others. He currently resides in Tampa Florida with his family.


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